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CargoMaster is one of Australia’s most experienced domestic air freight or Same Day Air Freight Companies, CargoMaster has been organizing the uplift of time sensitive air cargo Australia-wide for over 20 years and offers you 35 years ‘professional experience in the urgent air freight industry. When you call on CargoMaster for interstate air freight, your backed by experienced urgent air freight operators who know how to get your goods to the intended ultimate destination FAST!

CargoMaster air cargo services include domestic air freight Australia (or urgent air freight, including air freight charter services for heavy and large air freight  ) all around Australia, to regional and the most remote centers and mine sites too!

CargoMaster handles all types of sameday and overnight air freight (or time sensitive air freight), including, construction equipment, mining machinery and parts, ship spares, truck and heavy equipment spare parts, medical equipment, shop fittings, exhibition equipment, conference items, tiles, tons and tons of biscuits and even musical and electrical equipment for show bands on tour! The list is endless! CargoMaster only works with the air freight industries best and most experienced airline-haul operators, so you know your air freight is in safe hands! CargoMaster will also assist you with De-stuffing International self pack shipping containers and packaging/identifying and classifying Dangerous air cargo (free of charge), for large air freight requirements our services extend to the preparation and packaging of dangerous are cargo and preparation of dangerous cargo documentation, so as to meet IATA DG standards (by DG qualified and accredited personnel).
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CargoMaster is renowned for delivering innovative and cost-effective air freight solutions to our clients in Australia (and overseas!). If you need to move urgent same day air freight to or from almost anywhere in Australia, call CargoMaster. CargoMaster KNOW-HOW to get your consignment to its destination quickly and cost effectively!

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SIGNIFICANT CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS TO THE 59TH EDITION (2018) The 59th edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations incorporates all amendments made by the IATA Dangerous Goods Board and includes addenda issued by ICAO to the 2017–2018 edition of the Technical Instructions. The following list is intended to assist the user to identify the main changes introduced in this edition and must not be considered an exhaustive listing. The changes have been prefaced by the section or subsection in which the change occurs. 2—Limitations 2.3—Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers or Crew—Limitations have been adopted on the number of portable electronic devices (PED) and the number of spare batteries for the PED that may be carried by passengers or crew. The limit is a maximum of 15 PED and a maximum of 20 spare batteries. These maximums may be exceeded with the approval of the operator. Table 2.3.A has also been revised to reflect these limits. 2.8—Operator Variations There are a number of additions, deletions and amendments to variations submitted by operators. 3—Classification 3.9.2—This subsection has been restructured to bring in all substances and articles that are assigned to Class 9 with their respective UN numbers and proper shipping names. The substances and articles have then been grouped according to the hazard they pose in transport. 4—Identification 4.4—Special Provisions A70—Which identifies the conditions under which engines may be considered as “not restricted”. The conditions have been revised to require that the shipper provide written or electronic documentation stating that a flushing and purging procedure for flammable liquid powered engines has been followed. A203—Identifies that vehicles powered by an engine powered by both a flammable liquid and flammable gas must be assigned to the entry Vehicle, flammable gas powered. The special provision has been revised to clarify that in this instance the applicable provisions of PI 950(a) must also be met. 5—Packing—Has been revised to include new restrictions on packages containing lithium batteries, UN 3090 and UN 3480 only, being placed into an overpack with packages containing dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1.—An additional note has been added to identify that lithium batteries, UN 3090 and UN 3480 only, are not permitted in the same outer packaging with dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1. Packing Instructions PI 951—Has been revised to include a requirement that if the vehicle is powered by an engine using both flammable gas and flammable liquid fuels, then the shipper must also meet the relevant provisions of PI 950. PI Y960—A note has been added to reinforce that dangerous goods in PG I are not permitted. PI 965 and PI 968—Text has been added to identify the restrictions on packing lithium batteries (UN 3480 and UN 3090 only) in the same outer packaging with dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1. There are also restriction on placing packages containing lithium batteries (UN 3090 and UN 3480 only) into an overpack with packages containing dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1. These restrictions apply to Section IA and IB. For Section II, cells and batteries must not be packed in the same outer packaging with other dangerous goods. 7—Marking & Labelling—Text has been added recommending that the UN number(s) on the lithium battery mark be of a minimum size.

9—Handling 9.3.2—Table 9.3.A and the provisions of 9.3.2 have been revised to introduce segregation requirements for lithium batteries (UN 3480 and UN 3090 only) and dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1. This aligns to the changes in,, PI 965 and PI 968. A note has been added to identify that the segregation of packages and overpacks loaded into ULD and aircraft cargo compartments, while recommended as of 1 January 2018, will not become mandatory until 1 January 2019. Appendix B—In Appendix B.2.2.4 new Cargo IMP codes have been added for UN 3090, Section IA and IB of PI 968—RBM and UN 3480, Section IA and IB of PI 965—RBI. These two new IMP codes facilitate the differentiation of fully regulated lithium batteries (UN 3090 and UN 3480) from those packed with equipment or contained in equipment (UN 3091 and UN 3481), which are currently assigned to RLM and RLI respectively. Appendix D—contact details for competent authorities have been updated. Appendix E—changes have been made to the list of UN Specification Packaging Suppliers (E.1) and the Package Testing Facilities (E.2). Appendix F—the list of Sales Agents (F.2), IATA Accredited Training Schools (F.3—F.5) and IATA Authorised Training Centres (F.6) have been revised. Appendix I—A new appendix has been added to this edition of the DGR to provide the detail of the changes that will come into effect as of 1 January 2019 based on the adoption of the changes arising from the 20th revised edition of the UN Model Regulations as well as the changes that have been agreed to date by the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel for inclusion into the 2019–2020 edition of the Technical Instructions. These changes include: ● replacement of most instances of the word “risk” by the word “hazard”. The changes reflects the increasing use of safety management systems where “risk” is the likelihood of an event combined with the severity of the outcome, whereas hazard is used to identify the inherent properties. So, for example a substance may have a “subsidiary hazard”, not a “subsidiary risk”. ● significant changes to the provisions for the classification of corrosive substances. These changes reflect the work of the UN Subcommittee with the GHS Subcommittee to better align the classification provisions for transport for Class 8 substances with those for supply and use. ● a new requirement for manufacturers and subsequent distributors of lithium cells or batteries to make available a summary of the UN 38.3 tests. ● new provisions for the classification of articles containing dangerous goods, n.o.s.. This includes twelve new UN numbers, UN 3537 to UN 3548, that have been assigned to articles containing dangerous goods in Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 and Division 6.1. The details of the provisions that will come into effect in 2019 for air transport have still to be finalised by the ICAO dangerous Goods Panel. ● a number of new and modified special provisions. ● removal of the lithium battery handling label ( As of 1 January 2019 only the lithium battery mark ( will be permitted on packages of lithium batteries prepared in accordance with Section IB of PI 965 or PI 968, or Section II of PI 965 to PI 970. REFERENCE MARKS The following symbols placed against an item indicate changes from the previous edition: Symbol—Meaning —Addition of a new item. —Change to an item. —Cancellation of an item. —Additional IATA requirements. —Indicates that the item relates entirely to Radioactive shipments



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Same Day Air Freight And Dangerous Goods

Please Note: 
This list does not describe all types of hazardous air freight (it is not exhaustive and all encompassing). General items listed below may be found in baggage and possibly have hazards that are not immediately apparent. There are strict laws in relation to lodging of hazardous air freight and compliance with dangerous goods regulations.
Typical examples of Hazardous Air Freight:

  • Expeditionary equipment
  • Vaccines
  • Solvents, adhesives
  • Pesticides
  • Switches in electrical equipment
  • Diving equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Swimming pool chemicals

  • Aerosols
  • Compressed non-flammable gas
  • Batteries
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Pressurised containers
  • Ammunition
  • Dry Ice
  • Tool Boxes (compressed gases ,aerosols
  • Electrical equipment
  • Frozen foods (packed in solid dry ice)
  • Motor Vehicle parts
  • Chemicals
  • Refrigerators (may contain gases or chemicals)
  • Swimming pool chemicals
  • Machinery parts
  • Frozen foods (packed in solid dry ice)
  • Mining equipment

  • Magnets
  • Engines (contain fuel and that are not cleaned, purged and sealed)
  • Mining equipment
  • Passenger baggage (containing flammable gas or liquid lighter refuel. camping stove cylinders
  • Diagnostic specimens
  • Thermometers (containing mercury)
  • Frozen Embryos
  • Passenger baggage (containing flammable gas or liquid lighter refuel. camping stove cylinders
  • Pressurised containers
  • Photographic Supplies
  • Refrigerators (may contain gases or chemicals)
  • Swimming pool chemicals

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